Volunteer Registration

Resonate Connect enables you to complete skills based voluntary assignments of your choice for good causes in Greater Manchester. Assignments generally vary from 4 hours to 2 days, completed face to face or remotely.

  • You complete the simple registration form below which will capture your skills, profile, preferences & availability and join the database of volunteers. Only Good Causes can access this database and all correspondence is via emails through the site; no-one will see your email address.
  • Good Causes search the Volunteer database and email volunteers with the skills, profile and availability that matches their requirements with a brief outline of their organisation and the support they require.
  • You then accept or decline the opportunities you are presented with. You can enter into a correspondence with the Good Cause before deciding.
  • You then arrange the logistics of the project via email or by phone if you choose to share your phone number with the Good Cause.
  • A Registered Charity
  • An Unregistered Charity (very small)
  • A Social Enterprise
  • A Community Group

Are categorised as;

  • Strategic Development – to help establish objectives and plans
  • Organisational Development – to develop and/or implement plans and methods
  • Marketing – to establish and develop plans promote the organisation to various groups
  • Business Development – to establish and develop plans to target and secure revenue
  • HR – to establish and implement plans and methods to work with employees and supporters
  • Finance – to establish and implement systems to control and understand finances
  • Technology – to establish what systems would be the best fit
  • Legal - to provide legal advise and guidance

These assignments will generally be an initial 2 hour meeting, followed by 2 hours of off-line work by the volunteer and good cause and a final 2 hour meeting to finalise your recommendations. Good Causes can then proceed with their plans by utilising further skills based volunteers through Resonate Connect.

The length and the scope of the assignments is decided by you and the Good Cause – it could be 4 hours, it could be 2 days. You could develop a long term relationship with the Good Cause. Resonate Connect brings you together and you take it from there.

These are assignments completed remotely and generally from your workplace. The assignments will generally be 7 hours and can be completed flexibly i.e. 7 hours over 1 day, 2 days, 3 days etc. The length and the scope of the assignments is decided by you and the Good Cause – it could be 4 hours, it could be 14 hours.

The range of assignments will grow as Resonate Connect develops, initially assignments covered are:

  • Research – using the internet and/or social media and/or telephone work you will compile information and/or data for the Good Cause. This could include compiling lists of potential users, customers or partners or compiling data on a specific areas.
  • Graphic Design – using your skills to produce a range of designs for the Good Cause to use in various material
  • Web Design – using your skills to develop websites
  • Search Engine Optimisation – using your skills to help Good Cause enjoy more exposure for their websites
  • Copy Writing – using your skills to produce informative documents or marketing material

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Legal liability

Resonate Connect is a platform to introduce you to good causes who may have a use of your skills on a pro bono basis. You are responsible for your own communications and connections and for any consequences arising out of them. Resonate Connect does not guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy or reliability of any such communications or connections nor does it endorse any Good Causes. You should take all due care when using Resonate Connect and engaging with other users and Good Causes as this is done at your own risk and Resonate Connect will not accept any liability in this regard.

Data Protection

Resonate Connect will not provide your details to any third parties

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