Case Studies

Before the launch of Resonate Connect the founding organisation of the site, Resonate – the recruitment social enterprise, arranged skills based volunteering through telephone contact and engagement. Resonate wanted to add benefit to society by utilising their links with businesses and professionals.

A large number of the volunteers who completed pro bono projects were sourced through Resonate’s collaborative relationship with Peter Massey at Budd who facilitates the Customer Experience Pro Bono group on LinkedIn.

It was the success of this activity that gave Resonate the confidence to explore doing more. It was clear that there were many charities that wanted free expert support and many companies and individuals that wanted to help. Resonate were aware that manual processes were not sufficiently scalable and that an automated web platform was required.

A Selection of Case Studies:

The Factory Youth Zone Logo


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A Way Out Logo

A Way Out

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Ability Tec Logo

Ability Tec

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Transform Lives Logo

Transform Lives

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