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Resonate Connect is the pro bono division of Resonate - the recruitment social enterprise.

Resonate - the recruitment social enterprise

Resonate is a recruitment agency that supplies permanent employees to private sector companies at market rates. It is a social enterprise with 3 primary aims;

  • To facilitate high employee satisfaction
  • To provide a quality service with unique added value
  • To support society

The overarching aim is to demonstrate that a business with these 3 primary aims has a high chance of success.

Resonate’s legal form is a Community Interest Company Limited by Guarantee; it is not for profit, is not owned and is regulated by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. It also has capped salaries.

Resonate donates 10% of their fees to a charity of the clients’ choice. 20% of the activity is pro bono for third sector organisations.

Much of Resonate’s activity has been the arrangement of skills-based volunteering through telephone contact and engagement. A large number of the volunteers who supported and completed pro bono projects were sourced through Resonate’s collaborative relationship with Peter Massey at Budd who facilitates the Customer Experience Pro Bono group on LinkedIn.

The success of this activity encouraged the team at Resonate to explore how they could do more to help. It was clear that there were many charities that required free expert support and many companies and individuals that wanted to help. Resonate were aware that manual processes were not sufficiently scalable and that an automated web platform was necessary, hence Resonate Connect was born.

Resonate works on a highly innovative model of eliminating almost entirely the need for sales and marketing in a highly sales driven industry. The majority of Resonate’s recruitment business comes from recommendations and referrals from businesses and individuals who know that by supporting Resonate they are providing more finance and support to society. The success of Resonate Connect will drive the growth of Resonate, enabling it to make more very valuable cash donations.

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Resonate Connect

Resonate Connect creates a circle of benefits for the employer, the employee and the community. It is an ultra-simple web platform that links skills based volunteers with 3rd sector organisations with a need for free expert support. The platform enables companies to significantly increase their employee volunteering and to track the impact on the organisations that they support, their employee engagement, customer engagement and productivity. Skills based volunteering will lead companies to more sustainability, growth and profit.

The platform was launched for testing on March 10th 2015 and the official launch was at Resonate Connect’s Ethical Business Manchester event at Manchester Cathedral on April 29th.

Initially the site will provide skills based volunteering matches in Greater Manchester. Once the site has been trialled in Greater Manchester version 2 of the site will be launched to provide enhanced measurements and functionality for companies using the site. The site will then be rolled out across the UK and a bespoke intranet version of the site will be available to companies with a high level of usage.

We are currently in conversations with various 3rd sector organisations about collaborative partnership agreements. We believe in working with others to create the maximum benefit for charities, companies and individuals.

Resonate Connect will never be sold or contain any sponsorship or advertising.

Resonate Connect is headed up by Alex Swallow (Twitter), former Chief Executive of the Small Charities Coalition. It is supported by 50 hours per week of support from Resonate employees. As Resonate Connect grows it organically creates growth for Resonate, which will provide extra funding for the growth of Resonate Connect.

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